What did our city look like in the past and what does it look like now? Find out in the new photomonography by Petar Đurđev, who prepared pages of nostalgia for us, old postcards, as well new photos of buildings, streets and faces, accompanied by texts about the history of this city. The promotion of the ’Novi Sad, Now and Then’ book is scheduled for 21 December at 7 p.m in the Svilara Cultural Station

The photomonography is a bilingual (Serbian-English) edition, and Petar Đurđev (author), Duga Radovanov (editor), Siniša Jokić (director of the Institute for the Protection of Monuments of Novi Sad) and Dalibor Rožić (a member of the City Council in charge for Culture) will speak at the presentation.

I always escape from Novi Sad in the fall. I do it because every November, as if by some confused rule, I fall in love again with the old bridge under the fortress, with the labyrinth of winding alleys around Matica Srpska and Temerinska market, with two cold swans coughing in the lake of Danube Park, with a violin near Maroš or two violins near Štolc – and I am growing helplessly for these streets, for this hustle and bustle of passers-by, for the fluttering of morning and evening editions on the boulevard and for the colourful shop windows staring into the fog and monotonous gray of spilled rain… – Miroslav Antić

See You!