Genius Loci of the Almaš Neighbourhood

The ‘Genius Loci of the Almaš Neighbourhood’ exhibition by Mária Szilágyi, Anica Draganić and Antal Szilárd will be opened in The ‘Svilara’ Cultural Station on 28 December at 6 p.m. The audience will be able to see the exhibited works until 20 January, every working day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The spirit of the Almaš neighbourhood means a set of material and immaterial values, which are in mutual interaction. Genius loci was created by the locals of this city part, nurturing their tradition, as well as their architectural heritage.

Today, the shadow of the former Almaš neighbourhood, the living space of Almašani, has been preserved, but the spirit of the place is still alive, the intangible heritage is nurtured, thus ensuring continuation of life among the inherited walls. In most cases, we are left to our own imagination, to at least for a moment, reconstruct the former aesthetic harmony of the region, exactly the one we are most proud of, although for the most part it no longer exists.

The legal protection of the Almaš neighbourhood as a spatial, cultural and historical whole is a proof of the recognized values of this area and the chance for this pearl to be preserved as a unique ambience of the city of Novi Sad.

The ‘Genius Loci of the Almaš Neighbourhood’ exhibition will present the architectural heritage of the Almaš neighbourhood, by typologies (Almaš church, public buildings, civic architecture, rural architecture, industrial heritage) through photographs, video material, archives and installations.

The exhibition also discusses the future of the Almaš neighbourhood (creation of a creative district around the Svilara Cultural Station), through the works of students of the Department of Architecture and Urbanism at the Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad.

The exhibition was supported by the City of Novi Sad, the City Administration for Culture, CULTstore and Culture Mode.