Japanese-Serbian Film Festival

The 7th Japanese-Serbian Film Festival (JSFF) on the topic of ‘C.A.R.E.’ will be held in the Svilara Cultural Station, from 6 until 8 November.

This year, the Japanese-Serbian Film Festival presents 19 short films (Serbian and Japanese) and four long feature Japanese films.

Ognjen Petković, a director from Novi Sad whose the ‘Autumn Waltz’ film was awarded as the best film at JSFF 2019 and Minja Zeljković, who studied in Japan and graduated last year from the Japan Aviation Academy, will speak within JSFF at the opening on 6 November.

Under the influence of global crisis, JSFF has formed an agenda for this year’s programme based on four pillars with clearly defined goals. This year’s topic of ‘C.A.R.E.’, i.e. care, is divided in the following manner: C – Cinema; A – Awareness; R – Resilience; E – Educate.

The number of visitors is limited, and you can make a reservation via e-mail address: [email protected].

Organiser: JSFF – Japanese-Serbian Film Festival.