Authentic anecdotes from the life of Branislav Nušić are listed on the pages of the two-volume edition ‘Nušić in Stories I and II’ by Milivoj Predić, a book whose promotion is scheduled for 20 December in the Svilara Cultural Station.

The author of the book was a playwright, narrator and publicist who decided to write about the true stories of his son-in-law, Branislav Nušić. Predić’s humorous prose is a first-rate document and speaks not only of our great writer, comedian, essayist, journalist, founder of rhetoric in Serbia, manager, editor, diplomat and photographer, as well as of social events in Serbia in the late 19th and early 20th century.

The book published by the ‘Nušić’ Foundation gives us many interesting stories in which Nušić’s contacts, jobs, socializing, the way he spent his time are intertwined… After the presentation, you can see a performance by the drama section of the students of the Karlovci Grammar School, who will play a play based on the book. Dramatization was done by prof. Maja Stokin.

The promotion aims, among other things, to develop a reading culture among young people. Participants:

  • Vojislav Jelić, full-time professor at the Faculty of Philosophy
    Vladimir Lazić, theatre and TV director
    Svetlana Gradinac, prof. of rhetoric
    Nebojša Nušić, manager of the ‘Nušić’ Foundation

You will enjoy the evening dedicated to the book that presents Nušić in a unique way in the sense in which he said about himself ‘my humour, causing laughter on the lips alleviates the cruelty of life.’ See You!