On 17 November at 6 p.m., we bring to the Svilara Cultural Station a special theatre play for children ‘Talker’, which presents moral and narrative values to children in a specific way.  Several generations of children are deprived of the very important art of listening and telling stories due to rapid technological progress and lifestyle. The wish of the author is to enable them to do so through the project. Across the world, this social and cultural activity is considered extremely important in the development of creativity and imagination of children. It also influences the development of their own identity and understanding of other communities through stories about people’s lives.

Director Vladimir Aleksić, the author of iconic children’s TV shows ‘Laku noć, deco’, ‘Metla bez drške’ and others, recognised the importance of the activity in children’s education and preservation of cultural tradition. He selected a couple of stories that will be read by actor Nebojša Cile Ilić, a prominent artist and laureate of numerous prestigious awards.

For the times when we listened to stories, and now we tell them to our children. See you!