The Collection of Student Dramas ‘New Theatre Potential’

The Student Theatre Festival, during which the audience will have the opportunity to see performances by academy students from Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Greece and Serbia, begins on 3 December at 5 p.m. Within the sixth edition of the festival, the collection of student dramas entitled ‘New Theatre Potential’, will be presented in the Svilara Cultural Station on 5 December at 12 p.m.

The collection of dramas ‘New Theatre Potential’ was created during the last year’s Student Theatre Festival. Five drama texts in English and the original languages of students from five dramaturgy academies from Novi Sad, Belgrade, Zagreb, Sarajevo and Birmingham have been published. Prof. Marina Mađarev and authors Mina Petrić, Petra Pleše, Milica Radojčić, Emina Kovačević and Roksana Korda will discuss the topic of ‘Perspectives on the Development of Writing Drama by Young Writers’.

See you!