A year after the first issue of the ‘Rizom’ magazine was published, the Novi Sad audience will have the opportunity to attend the promotion of the new, second issue, dedicated to disability studies.

The programme will be held in the Svilara Cultural Station on 29 November at 6 p.m. Siniša Tucić, Novi Sad poet and activist, Dragana Marković, interpreter and activist, Milesa Milinković, theoretician and pedagogue, and Stevan Bradić, chief editor of the magazine, will participate in the discussion.

The magazine is conceived as a space where it would be possible to present ideas about literature, philosophy and society, without the mediation of any editorial will. We remind that readers in the first issue of the magazine could read a selection of poetry by contemporary American authors whose work is housed in the present moment, is dynamic and addresses the concrete problems and reflections of the contemporary reader, wherever he is located.

The new issue contains a large number of texts, essays, critiques, prose and poetry that deal with the study of disability, a relevant and rather neglected topic in literature. This is an extremely important area to which relatively little attention is paid in our public, and this issue of the magazine, which was prepared by our fellow citizen, is an attempt to change the situation.

See you!