Foreign Students Visited Svilara

Svilara Cultural Station hosted students from the AEGEE-Novi Sad organisation from 11 European countries.

The students were acquainted with the network of cultural stations and the project and programmes of the European Capital of Culture. Visits of this type testify that the cultural stations are new landmarks on the cultural map of Novi Sad – the European Capital of Culture.

The visit was organised within the ‘The Future Is in Our Hands’ project, which promotes youth activism and good practices that young people have implemented in order to improve society; encourages young people to take an active role in society in order to contribute to solving burning social problems; presents Novi Sad and Vojvodina as a multicultural environment that provides excellent opportunities for youth development.

AEGEE is an international youth organisation working in the field of youth activism, youth mobility and creating an open multicultural environment that encourages youth development throughout Europe.


Photo: Nikola Rašević