Heroja Pinkija Street No. 90: A Play About Painful Childhood Memories

The ‘Heroja Pinkija Street No. 90’ play in Hungarian, performed in the Svilara Cultural Station last weekend, was the play about the main character Robert Molnar and his childhood.

Heroja Pinkija Street is located in Telep, but the number 90 does not exist today. The empty land means that something was there. Robika lived at this address until the beginning of 2000. There is nothing left from home, basement, fence, shed and a workshop. The main part of the play is dedicated to Rebert’s painful memories from the third grade, when his father was mobilised.

The play raises psychological questions: Why Robert didn’t feel anything when his father went to war? He knew that it was the problem. As if everybody expected him to mourn for his father, but he was just helplessly sitting. After 30 years, Robert is standing on the empty land upon the remains of his family house and decides to face the 10-year-old child, i.e., his past.


Photo: Uroš Dožić