ISON Mixed Inclusive Choir Presents Novi Sad Inside Out

The ISON Mixed Inclusive Choir performed within the current Project 22 in the Svilara Cultural Station.

The Project 22, implemented together by the Novi Sad – European Capital of Culture’ and NEO Festival – non-classical festival of classical music, is envisaged as a kind of overture to what the title year 2022 will look like in Novi Sad, when the programme concept will include eight programme arches, while the concert of the ISON Mixed Inclusive Choir symbolically presented one of the arches – Second Europe

ISON National Mixed Inclusive Choir including members of marginalised groups, elderly people, people with dementia, members of ‘Dečije selo’, Foster Facility in Veternik, Reception Centre, Women’s Safe House, young people with disabilities, completes one of the basic and most important links of social intersection of the city of Novi Sad,’ said Miodrag Blizanac, a conductor and a professor.


Photo: Uroš Dožić