Šaht-Maht Ensemble Presented the ‘Klatno’ Project

In our cultural station, within the Kaleidoscope of Culture, the audience had a chance to attend a unique musical event and get acquainted with modern methods of musical creation based on electronic components through the author’s project ‘Klatno’ by the Šaht-Maht ensemble, composed of trumpeter Goran Erić and percussionist Ivan Burke.

The Šaht-Maht ensemble was created in Novi Sad as a result of many years of artistic cooperation between trumpet player Goran Erić and percussionist Ivan Burka. The duo, which initially performed the traditional repertoire of chamber music, eventually became an interdisciplinary artistic group. Shaped by Stockhausen’s ideas on intuitive and electronic music, inspired by the creativity of artists such as Arve Henriksen and Fritz Hauser, this duo explores sound architecture, creates electro-acoustic music, and completes their artistic entity by constructing their own instruments.


Photo: Vladimir Veličković