The ‘Plafon 100/2/2’ Exhibition Opened

The ‘Plafon 100/2/2’ Exhibition was opened in the Svilara Cultural Station on Thursday, 19 November. Predrag Uzelac and Goran Augustinov, authors, presented works that belong to different time frames, narratives, communities and societies and a metaphor of human relations with installations and video projections.

The ‘Plafon 100/2/2’ exhibition presents transgenerational differences when expressing and experiencing emotions through, at first glance, incompatible materials of metal panels and transparent digital photographs. You can read what the authors Predrag Uzelac and Goran Augustinov said about the exhibition and what makes a city the capital of culture on the following link.

The exhibition will be open for visitors until 24 November, every workday from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m., in the Svilara Cultural Station.

Photo: Vladimir Veličković