‘The Two’ Interactive Installation: Closeness as a Leitmotif in the Time of Pandemic

The chest is the place where we keep love. Where we breathe. When we feel someone’s breath, it means that we are close, that we are bonded. Each being is created by merging with the breath of another being. It always starts with a kiss, a cross breath. Sometimes we become addicted. It is an inspiration (lat. Inspirare – to inhale, to breathe). Others attract us with warm light, and we breathe the air that lifts us up. Then a break happens, and we have to put back everything we breathed together right away. And without the inspiration – nothing. Love is time. It puts life into perspective, it predicts. It is realised together with Eros, in the desire for something to exist, to be maintained and to have a prediction in the future, even in the eternity. Love strives to create a space of intimacy. But now that time is broken. It is destroyed by disease and death. We live in isolation; everyone lives on their own island. Around us is the big, dark water. We are all waiting for something. In a space of undivided feelings. It is unacceptable. It is monotonous. Everything has changed. Nothing changes. After a long time, humanity is united. We all have the same weak point. Yes, everything has changed and now we have to exhale back everything we have ever inhaled together. It must be so… they say.

With these words, Dragana Vilotić, an architect and stage designer from Novi Sad, described her multimedia spatial installation entitled ‘The Two’, which was implemented in the Svilara Cultural Station.

This multimedia spatial installation deals with the topic of closeness disruption created by the restriction of social contacts, which is difficult to overcome because the closeness of people encourages love and inspiration, as vital energies that move us.

The idea of ’The Two’ installation is based on the setting of two video projections that show the chest as a place, i.e., a space where we keep love and where the connection of two separated persons is being maintained mentally and physically – with headphones that emit sound from both projections.

Each visitor individually observes the work which is part of Dragana’s doctoral artistic project called ‘Revalorisation of the Biblical Story about Adam and Eve – A Stage Design Work of Art’ at the doctoral academic studies of stage design at the Faculty of technical Sciences of the University of Novi Sad.

Photo: Uroš Dožić