Vladimir Lalić: Veličković Defeated Death with his Works

‘Death is a great topic of Veličković’s painting. He thought about it and implemented it in his work. From that fear of death, which we all have, he created a fantastic opus, becoming one of the most significant Serbian and French artists. With this opus he overcame death, continuing to live through his works and deeds created during his life.’

This is what the Belgrade painter Vladimir Lalić, the winner of the award for drawings of the Vladimir Veličković Foundation and the award for painting of the French Academy of Fine Arts, said about the work of Vladimir Veličković during the expert guide through the current setting in Svilara.

Lalić also spoke about his personal experience of staying in the Paris studio of Veličković, where he went at the invitation of the artist and pointed out his unreserved support to young artists, especially from this area, which he received himself and which was invaluable in his career development.


Photo: Violeta Đerković