What would a musical performance in which the main actors, instead of musicians and their usual instruments, are glass and plastic bottles, metal cans, balloons, pipes and faucets for the aquarium, look like? A unique, controlled, yet unpredictable performance entitled ‘Unstable Flows’ will be held in the Svilara Cultural Station at 8 p.m, within the programme of the permanent anti festival of contemporary music 2K+.

French artist Laurent Bigot will be the animator of the unusual exhibition that will last for two days, playing with the poetic and sound expression of abandoned objects. This experimental musician performs on an electro-acoustic installation, through which objects are moved by the airflow, producing tones and vibrations sounded by microphones and amplified by an amplifier.

The event is implemented with the support of the ‘Teatroskop’ project launched by the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, the French Ministry of Culture and the French Institute in Paris, while the partners from Serbia are the ‘Miloš Crnjanski’ Cultural Centre of Vojvodina and ‘Ring Ring’ Festival.

See you at the unique performance, within which the artist will turn seemingly useless objects into unusual music compositions!