Game Of Faith: Does the Ethnic Community of the Danube Swabians Have Future?

A screening of the ‘Game of Faith’ documentary was shown in the Svilara Cultural Station, and after the screening a round table was held.

‘Game of Fate’ is a story about the lives of two families, who are both former and current residents of the city of Novi Sad. Some left the city immediately after World War II and went through hell to reach Germany. Others stayed, but because of their ethnicity, they survived very difficult times. The protagonist Ria Schneider and her family moved to Novi Sad when she was three years old and lived there until she was twelve. In the documentary, she walks through Novi Sad and tells the story of what that city once looked like and what has changed.

The film raises the question — does the ethnic community of the Danube Swabians, who went 350 years ago to find their homeland and a better life, have a future, or is it, after all, doomed to assimilation and disappearance and to what extent did it contribute to creating the culture of Novi Sad? The protagonists of the film, current citizens of Germany, Ria Schneider and Elisabetha Luna Müller, historian and expert advisor of the Museum of the City of Novi Sad, Agnes Ozer, PhD, historian and associate of the Institute for Recent History of Serbia, Zoran Janjetović, PhD, as well as the author of the film Eva Hübschs, spoke about the past, survival and future from the perspective of the Danube Swabians.

Photo: KS Svilara