To Preserve Nature, We Must Get to Know It Well First

The workshop ‘Flight Over Novi Sad’, organised by the ‘021’ Foundation and MultiRadio, was held in the Svilara Cultural Station, in cooperation between the two Novi Sad primary schools, the professors of art classes and Bird Protection and Study Society of Serbia.

Pupils from the ‘Petőfi Sándor’ Primary School and their professor Marta Kiš Buterer and pupils from the ‘Ivan Gundulić’ Primary School with their professor Snežana Mandić had a special chance to hear and find out about birds settled in Novi Sad and their importance for the environment and our health. After the lecture, which was held by Sandra Jovanović from the Bird Protection and Study Society of Serbia, inspired pupils wished to preserve what they love in a paper form. Therefore, the art workshop within which children revived bird sounds was held.

Such workshops are significant since it is important that children, who are inevitably growing up in a period of climate change, energy insecurity and pandemics, are aware of the nature around them and understand what mistakes have been made in the past and should not be repeated.

The project will be implemented soon in the Bukovac Cultural Station.