The ‘Agraria – The Home of Contemporary Creative Expression’ Exhibition in Svilara Until 14 December

The ‘Agraria – The Home of Contemporary Creative Expression’ exhibition was opened in the Svilara Cultural Station on 3 December and will remain open for the visitors until 14 December.

Members of the Agraria initiative had the role of an imaginary client according to whose needs the students of three architectural faculties designed new working, office and programme spaces of Agraria. The exhibition includes the selection of the most interesting students’ answers to the given project task. Students come from the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad, University of Belgrade – Faculty of Architecture, and the Faculty of Architecture and City Planning in Timișoara.

The idea of the project is revitalisation and reconstruction of the industrial complex of the former ‘Electrolux’, initially called ‘Agraria’, which was built by the agricultural cooperative of the Germans in Yugoslavia in the period 1939-1940. Today, the complex stands as the most representative preserved example of the post-war modern business architecture in the city.

The home of contemporary creative expression ‘Agraria’ is envisaged as an imagined unified space for art production and programme cooperation of professional art associations and organisations that actively work in the field of culture and art production in Novi Sad.

The Agraria initiative was launched by individuals coming from the following organisations: The Association of Novi Sad Architects, the New Media, the Association of Fine Artists of Vojvodina and the Association of Applied Art Artists and Designers of Vojvodina.

The exhibition is produced by the New Media and is supported by the ‘Heinrich Böll’ Foundation – Office in Belgrade and the City of Novi Sad – City Administration for Culture.

Photo: Marko Pudić