Hidden Corner of Children’s Imagination: Almaš Cultural Workshops in Svilara CS

The cultural heritage of Almaš Neighbourhood was the inspiration for s series of children’s workshops entitled ‘Almaš Cultural Workshops’ within which, pupils of ‘Đura Daničić’ Primary School enjoyed the process of creating their inner universe through colours, shapes and creative work.

During workshops held in the Svilara Cultural Station, in October and November this year, children realised that the beauty of creativity is in letting the imagination lead and surprise us with its final destination. Therefore, they tried their hands at using India ink, while the following week, they had fun by moulding clay and turning it into different objects that present the buildings and architecture of Almaš neighbourhood. During the penultimate gathering, young participants were solving riddles, laughed at jokes and anecdotes from the lives of celebrities. Writer Melanija Rimar held the fourth workshop and introduced children to the world of Ruthenian literature by presenting the magazine ‘Zagradka’ and reading the prose and poetry translated from Ruthenian to the Serbian language.

Thanks to these inspiring activities, children got a chance to find out about their abilities and turn their wishes and imagination into a work of art. The Association ‘Almašani’, Local Community Podbara, the City Library and ‘Bogdan Šuput’ Secondary School for Design played with children and selflessly spread their knowledge.