Intercultural Dialogue in Svilara Cultural Station

The public debate ‘Intercultural Dialogue’ will be held in the Svilara Cultural Station on Friday, 1 October, at 6 p.m.

The aim of the project is to foster international dialogue between different communities and political actors in Europe, as well as to prevent discrimination and fight the stigmatization of minority groups.

Zorana Milovanović (European Movement in Serbia), Aleksandra Šanjević (Open Society Foundation), Milena Dragićević Šešić (Professor Emeritus FDA) and Tomislav Longinović (Professor of Slavic Studies and Literature, University of Wisconsin-Madison) will speak at the debate. The moderator is Aleksandra Đurić Bosnić, editor of the ‘Interculturality’ magazine.

You can apply to participate in the public debate ‘Intercultural Dialogue’ on the following link.

The project is funded by the ‘Europe for Citizens’ fund.

‘Local debates with citizens and civil society organizations’ is a long-term project of 15 European cities and organizations from 14 countries, who work together to promote intercultural dialogue and the inclusion of migrants and minorities. Local debates are conducted in order to understand the problems that people face, and citizens who participate can highlight policies that work, point out problems at an early stage and give ideas on improving local policies for all.