Journey from Stone to Metal Age

Visitors of the Svilara Cultural Station had a chance to attend the promotion of the CD edition entitled ‘Journey to the Beginnings’ by composer Ljubomir Nikolić, with compositions that are a combination of reconstructed instruments dating back from 20,000 years ago.

During the special music event, the audience had a chance to enjoy the compositions based on the ‘play’ with prehistoric sounds that have been explored for several years in order to create a unique collection of prehistoric music and transfer it to a CD in combination with electronic music, in cooperation with several significant museums in Europea and the University of Southampton.

We had an opportunity to hear how the author envisages the first ‘music’ during the promotion of his CD, and through the presentation of video material, i.e. Pictures from archaeological sites such as Lepenski vir in Serbia, Iron Gates Region Museum in Romania, Vučedol Culture Museum in Croatia and Matrica Múzeum in Hungary.

The last part was reserved for a forum, within which the audience had a chance to travel from stone to metal age, together with the author Ljubomir Nikolić, Julijana Baštić, ethno musician, Branislava Trifunović, musicologist and moderator, and Bojan Milinković, ethno musician and multi-instrumentalist.

The ‘Journey to the Beginnings’ explored new ways of heritage interpretation with the aim to inspire respect for prehistoric cultures and their forms and diversity in public.