Tell Me a Story: The Play ‘Talker’ Performed in the Svilara CS

On 17 November, the ‘Svilara’ Cultural Station will become an ideal place where children will have a chance to play, laugh and enjoy the unusual play ‘Talker’.

The extraordinary children’s programme delighted our youngest citizens with exciting stories read by Nebojša Cile Ilić, an actor who won numerous awards in acting and the magical colourful stage and costumes. The playful piece ‘Talker’ was directed by the prominent director Vladimir Aleksić, the author of famous children’s TV shows ‘Laku noć, deco’, ‘Metla bez drške’ and many others, with the aim to present the art of telling stories to children since they forget about this activity due to the modern way of growing up.

Storytelling is the activity that, above all, improves the development of children’s imagination and listening skills. It also influences their understanding of other communities and the characters that surround them. By focusing on Serbian stories for children, the play, in an unusual way, presented significant moral values to children, and in addition to the context of education, such programmes are important for the preservation of cultural heritage.

Enjoy the magical photos of the event.

Photo: Marko Pudić